01 Program Origins

Over the past 15 years, the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation has been actively involved in a holistic approach to education. This has been inclusive off all levels of education from primary school level to college and university, as well as workplace freshman. The Foundation encourages students to develop a thirst for knowledge while providing communication skills training and practical experience activities to form a human-centric, highly considerate attitude towards service.

In response to future talent needs, the Foundation launched the GHFxEdu project in 2017, it discovered the most influential education innovation role models in primary and secondary school level education. Through this project, we were able to improve the communities understanding of the value and possibilities of each education model. Furthermore, by sharing it globally it allowed Taiwan’s education innovation to be recognized globally. The Foundation has developed a partnership with HundrED, a globally renowned education innovation organization. The Foundation will co-organize NXTEducator together with HundrED with Employability as the theme is to promote education innovation in the Chinese speaking world.

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