08 HundrED Spotlights

HundrED Spotlights is an opportunity to gain thorough insight into education innovation taking place either in a specific area of education like sustainability, or within a geographic location, for example, India or London.

HundrED are committed to finding inspiring ideas and practices in education and helping these innovations spread out globally. For each Spotlight, HundrED selects 10 of the brightest education innovations, which then undergo a deep study by the research team and an expert advisory board. All findings from the study will be packaged in original content including a research report and inspirational videos, photographs and interviews.

HundrED Spotlights are organized with partner organizations, who help to discover innovations in their area of expertise. Once a spotlight has been confirmed, applications open for people to submit their innovations for consideration. All innovations undergo thorough research process and must adhere to a strict criteria of being impactful, scalable and innovative.

HundrED Spotlights create unique opportunities for both educational professionals and independent organizers of the Spotlights to gain deep insight into global education innovations. Being part of HundrED Spotlights allows those involved to make authentic connections with passionate innovators, schools, young people and partners, and to build their knowledge of innovation in order to help education change for the better. Spotlight organizers will always receive full credit for their work on the Spotlight, gain international publicity and occasionally will receive opportunities to speak at global events.

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