02 Educational Model - FIT+HUG

The Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation developed FIT+HUG after thorough research by a group of experts through survey and analysis. The three attributes of the model are: F [Friendly by nature], I [Innovative with diversity] and T [Technology aware]; the three skills are: H [Human-centric mindset], U [Uniting multiple domains] and G [Global view with local act]. 

After exchanging ideas with HundrED, we realized that the six indicators of FIT+HUG also represent employability. It is well established that employability skills needed for the future work will change in significant and unforeseeable ways due to the accelerating rate of technological innovations in all industries. Therefore, many agree that an employability skill set required for this future will need to be aligned and adapted to shifting demands in a highly agile way. It is critical that education adapts to the future and the"modern workforce". (WEF 2018;Frey Osborne, 2017) As mentioned in the 2018 Every Child Flourish Report done by HundrED, 83% of youth believe learning skills to help them in their future career would improve their education. 

The rapid advancement of technology and changes in the way people think has driven the changes of employability skills needed for the future in significant and unforeseeable ways. Education needs to show prospective and sustainable development in creating employability in order to build up the future talent education eco-system in Taiwan. 

Thus, Employability was chosen as the theme to promote education innovation in Chinese speaking world. 

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