04 NXTEducator Submission Description

NXTEducator will discover 10 of the brightest innovations that focus the most effective development of employability skills for the future.  FIT+HUG, the 6 indicators for the future talent development that are developed by the foundations after thorough research are the specific criteria for the selection and research of the Employability Spotlight, utilizing it together with the three criteria of HundrED, innovativeness, impact and scalability. It will recognize how education reacts to the ever-changing global challenges in order to enhance employability within the K-12 students to become the the talent for future society.

1.Who can apply?:

Any Chinese speaking K12 educator or innovator around the world can submit their project focusing on employability skills

2.Submission Criteria:

The 10 brightest education innovations will be selected according to the FIT+HUG criteria while being innovative, impactful and scalable, by a group of expert advisory board.

Specific criteria and Dimension

  • Friendly by Nature: Innovation encourage students to be friendly not only at work, but also exhibit sincerity and goodwill in all interaction with people, matters and things.
  • Innovative with Diversity: Innovation encourages students to integrate different cultural influences, and are accustomed to formulating solutions from multiple perspectives.
  • Technology Aware: Innovation encourages students to be willing to accept technological trends and new knowledge and seeks to utilize them. 
  • Human-Centric Approach: Innovation encourages students to be empathetic and take initiative to understand customers’ needs, and design or provide customer-centric services in a timely manner as well as effectively solve problem and meet customer’s needs. 
  • Uniting Multiple Domains: Innovation encourages students to understand the cultural and professional values of different domains, lead teams from different discipline to have discussions and dialogues and jointly create the best solution for achieving goals. 
  • Global View and Local Act: Innovation encourages students to appropriately use global knowledge and experience to design solutions that are suitable and capable of enhancing the value and quality of local industries. 
  • Innovativeness: Valuable improvement within the context.
  • Impact: Established for at least a year with demonstrable evidence.
  • Scalability: Adaptable in new environment with a commitment to scale.

3.What are the benefits of the selected innovations?:

  • Global recognition: All research findings, videos, photos and interviews of the selected innovations will be shared globally.
  • The selected innovations will be provided up to $3,000USD travel subsidy to attend the NXTEducator EXPO in Taiwan on December.
  • Have the opportunities to be invited to share the innovation on global events. (eg. HundrED Innovation Summit)

4.Timeline 2019

MAY 10th
Innovation search begins

JUNE 30th
Innovation submission period ends

Innovation research and reviews 

Innovation selection and content production

Spotlight Summit in Taipei

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