NXT Fresh

Bridging the Gap between University and Industry,Employment Opportunities upon Completion

According to a survey done by the Ministry of Labor, it takes an average of 3.71 months for fresh graduates to gain employment. College students must continuously involve themselves in developing various skills, in addition to professional skills for their desired profession. The Sayling Wen Cultural and Educational Foundation is committed to providing talents for future society. In 2020, the foundation launched NXT Fresh. The foundation endeavours to help students who are graduating to enhance their professional abilities, and to help them better navigate themselves towards the direction they wish. This program cooperates with well-known enterprises in providing internship opportunities, in order to accumulate practical experience, which helps students gain employment after completion of the program.

NXT Fresh has 4 main core principles: 4C (Clear Mindset, Clear Communication, Clear Documentation, Clear Tracking). Through activities like talent selection, cultivation, and implementation, the program helps students understand the workplace environment at an earlier stage. Students achieve self-development with proactive conceptual and logical thinking and establish good communication habits and teamwork abilities. Task completion through effective communication, presentation, and meeting minutes skill. Students also develop good working attitudes, workplace ethics, improve learning efficiency and workplace competitiveness. The program is conducted in a fun and innovative way, with learning models that increases interaction. The program also guides students to reflect on their leaning outcomes through lessons and internship.

The program is designed based on the talent training experience that the foundation has accumulated, a human-centric training program involving the consultation of senior level managers from industry, to build up a mechanism which connects to the workplace, allowing high potential talents to be able to advance.

Applications now being Accepted! Please complete the first stage application and learning by May 15th, second stage selected candidates will be announced on May 22nd:

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 NXT Fresh involves:Self-learning】、【Workplace Competency Training】、【Internship and Employment】 

Three Stage Introduction: 

First Stage:Self-Learning】 

Applicants are required to complete the registration and preparation courses on the learning platform before the registration deadline. The second stage will be reviewed according to the course completion status and performance of the first stage. The organizer will announce the shortlist on May 22, 2020. There will be a maximum of 50 candidates who will continue to participate in the next stage of the program. 

Those who do not qualify for the second stage will still be able to access the online learning platform until the 31st December 2020. 

Second Stage:Workplace Competency Training】 

Selected candidates will participate in the online courses on the online learning platform, training content will be based on 4C principles (Clear Mindset,Clear Communication,Clear Documentation,Clear Tracking), in the form of online learning, online community discussion and live webinar. 

Third Stage:Internship

From the 50 candidates that complete the 4C courses of the second stage and pass the selection process will then gain the opportunity to take part in matchmaking process for a variety of internships.

4C (Clear Mindset,Clear Communication,Clear Documentation,Clear Tracking) Program Introduction:


Learning Objectives


Clear Mindset

Active learning, take every task and challenge seriously

Workplace Professionalism

Diligent and positive, value creation

Active Thinking

Responsibility, do not shirk from responsibility, the mentality of achieving goals as a team


Clear Communication

Good listening skills, ability to understand the message from the speaker

Effective Listening and Communication

Logical thinking, ability to express in a way that the listener can understand the message

Logical and Structured Thinking

Structured presentation, effective utilisation of tools in two-way communication

Presentation Skills

Clear Documentation

Systematic data consolidation

Complete Staff Work (CSW)

Ability to record the key points of a meeting and allow the reader to understand

Meeting Minutes Skills

Ability in quick and correct information research, completing reports effectively

Data Collection Skills

Clear Tracking

Utilise tools - in task tracking

Task Tracking

Understand the relevance between tasks and priority

Task Management