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Taiwan foundations call for a worldwide solidarity amid pandemic in“Protect Every1”video

Taiwan foundations call for a worldwide solidarity amid pandemic in “Protect Every1” video

TAIPEI, TAIWAN-Media Outreach-May 6, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has been rampaging across the world, threatening lives, and disrupting economies. The iSee Taiwan Foundation and Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation are jointly presenting the “Protect Every1” video, calling people to join the war against the coronavirus.

Ted Wen, Chairman of the two foundations, said, “this is a critical moment for human beings. No single country or person can control the crisis alone. We need everyone to take action.” Mr. Wen further elaborated that “quarantine is not distance, but can be a thought of as a new way to live. And this new lifestyle can be the key to defeat COVID-19.”

The video production is the brainchild of Audrey Yang, Vice Chairman of the foundations. The messages relayed are that “It’s time for all of us to stand up, and by protecting yourself, you can protect many, and thus the world. The willpower of individuals can forge into a global strength to safeguard public health and save lives.”

Most countries have imposed lockdown and closed borders to restrict the movement of individuals in a disparate effort to contain spread of the deadly virus. The drastic measures alone are not strong enough to crush the virus that we know very little about. Everyone’s participation is needed in order to beat COVID-19.

Four stories are told in the video to stress that by starting from protecting yourself, you can make changes to the world. The up-pointing index finger means “protect one and protect everyone.” The segments depict how residents from different corners of the world are coping with unprecedented threats in their life. They show how the individuals, from different cultures and age groups, do their best to fight the coronavirus in an effort to protect themselves, their family, and society, with hopes to restore peace and order in their hometown.

Title:ProtectEvery1Description:COVID-19 has changed the way we live. But by believing in your own strength, you are able to protect the world by protecting yourself. The up-pointing index finger is a symbol of strength. So, snap a picture and share with the world! Protect One, Protect Everyone #ProtectEvery1 #iSeeTaiwanFoundation #SaylingWenFoundation
Title:Stay HomeDescription:Stay Home, Stay Home, Stay Home! 無 Take this time to spend with your family, stay away from crowds and go outside less. Protect One, Protect Everyone #ProtectEvery1 #iSeeTaiwanFoundation #SaylingWenFoundation
Title:Buy What You NeedDescription:Don’t panic buy! Only get what you need, think of others. Protect One, Protect Everyone #ProtectEvery1 #iSeeTaiwanFoundation #SaylingWenFoundation
Title:Wash Your HandsDescription:Wash your hands, keep safe! Protect One, Protect Everyone #ProtectEvery1 #iSeeTaiwanFoundation #SaylingWenFoundation
Title:Keep ConnectedDescription:Keep connected and reconnect with those you love. There has never been a better time to call friends and family. Protect One, Protect Everyone #ProtectEvery1 #iSeeTaiwanFoundation #SaylingWenFoundation

The iSee Taiwan Foundation was founded by late entrepreneur Sayling Wen In 2003. The foundation’s vision is to become an essential portal for the world to see Taiwan via cultural tourism. The Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation’s vision is to provide talents for future society by promoting industrial value oriented lifelong learning.

Contact: Adam Hamilton-Whittle