WISE Program

WISE Recruitment

2019 WISE recruits new graduates and those who have less than 2 years of work experience. Through comprehensive talent selection, talent training and pre-employment training mechanisms, WISE creates and explores successful career paths for the future talent.

  • 2019 WISE

  • Application Eligibility: Recent university graduate (from any field) with less than 2 year of work experience

  • Future workplace: Quality enterprises in partnership with WISE, or other organizations through personal application

  • Recruitment PeriodJanuary 10, 2019 (Thursday) 12:00 - March 13, 2019 (Wednesday) 12:00.

  • Recruitment Process:

1.  Online application.

2.  Candidates must complete the online application on the application website. Applications from those who fail to complete the application process will be considered incomplete and cannot participate in the recruitment selection.

3.  After completing the online application, candidates should keep up with the latest news on the event website. During the recruitment period, relevant activities will be announced.

  It is advisable to use Google Chrome 51 and above or Internet Explorer 10 and above.