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Ancient Classics Promotion


In 2012, the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation completed and presented two volumes of teaching materials titled “My Family and the Ancient Literature Series– Confucius” for the public good. They are the fruit of our painstaking efforts to collect pertinent literature on domestic and foreign educational policies and services. In order to foster discussion and identify key points for the development of domestic and foreign, primary and middle educational institutions.


The teaching materials are centered around the “Analects of Confucius,” these classics were presented in the form of stories, written in simple, everyday language. The purpose of the teaching materials is to help students read and appreciate the essence, implied in the literature in terms of how to conduct oneself in society, and further enable them to reflect on their behavior and responses in a variety of everyday situations.


Simply put, the campaign for character-building and morality-development has “Knowledge and Enlightenment” as the ultimate goal for development of basic education. Classical Chinese literature is used in the formal school education system to nurture our primary and middle school kids and cultivate qualities of future new service personnel. We started this campaign in 2012 in multiple counties and cities, including Taoyuan County, Miaoli County, Tainan City, Chiayi County, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, Yilan County and Penghu County. In total, promotion was carried out in 105 schools. In addition, a team from the National Chung Cheng University was commissioned to design an assessment tool with a checklist for primary school level new service personnel. This assessment tool was used to track learning effectiveness.


In 2015, the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation published the charity teaching materials in e-book form to continually spread and promote our cause far and wide. We welcome more schools and parents to use these teaching materials to help our kids build a solid foundation in language capacity, appreciate the beauty of classical culture and gradually improve their literary competency. It would also allow our kids to experience the spirit of the Analects of Confucius, internalize the quality of being truthful and friendly, learn how to conduct themselves in society, develop their empathetic spirit to serve; and to cultivate within them a friendly nature and human-centric mindset required for new service personnel.


Covers of My Family and the Ancient Literature Series– Confucius

Understand humanities through knowledge of the classics.

We welcome more  schools and parents to use this textbook to build the foundation for students' language proficiency. Learning the beauty of classical culture can enhance the qualities of humanities in students. Experiencing the spirit of the Analects of Confucius can help them learn to conduct themselves in society and cultivate an attitude of service to others. As such, new service talents who are friendly by nature and who have a human-centric mindset can be cultivated.