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Primary and Middle School-level Essay Contests

Language education is a significant part of humanistic education. The Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation conducts a variety of reading activities to promote development of students, in terms of reading and writing. Whilst implanting in them the spirit of Chinese literature and culture, and establishing in them a human-centric and empathetic mindset for services.

By establishing the right attitude toward personal conduct and the ability to express themselves by way of writing, they are empowered to demonstrate or reveal the profound moral beauty of Chinese culture. The Foundation has been holding primary and middle school-level essay contests since 2005 and is now well into its 14th year. The accumulated number of participants of the contest has reached 82,684!

In 2017, this travelling exhibition was displayed in the National Taiwan Library, the National Library of Public Information and Zuoxin Branch of Kaohsiung Public Library. 74 essays which were awarded as “outstanding” and “excellent” were shown to the public. It was one of our efforts to maximize the effectiveness of this language education promotion. This year, the Hualien Public Library of the Cultural Affairs Bureau located in the east of Taiwan was added to our list of exhibition locations. We hope that this will allow more people to get to know and appreciate the wonderful award-winning writing created by our students.

Participants in our “Primary and Middle School-level Essay Contests” were grouped into four categories: intermediate primary school grades, senior primary school grades, junior high students, and senior high and vocational students. The essay contest process started with each school conducting its own preliminary contest. After three months of intense competition, 2,952 works were chosen to compete in the final contest from among 6,479 submissions. Finally, 343 students stood out from the crowd in the fierce on-the-spot writing contest held in 11 districts across the nation on June 3rd. They each received an award ranging from Special Excellence Award, Excellent Award, First Prize, Honorable Mention and Judges' List Award.

Administrative Deputy Minister Lin, Teng-Chiao gave a speech to encourage the winnersAdministrative Deputy Minister Lin, Teng-Chiao gave a speech to encourage the winners
CEO of Sayling Wen Foundation, Teresa Lin, gave a welcome speechCEO of Sayling Wen Foundation, Teresa Lin, gave a welcome speech

 In terms of group awards for primary schools, recognition for top performance was given to:

 Elementary Schools:

1.Champion: Banqiao Elementary School, New Taipei City.

2. Runners-up: Gangping Elementary School, Chiayi City; National Taitung University Laboratory Elementary School.

3. Winning prizes went to three schools: Taipei Private Tsai Hsing Elementary School; Chi-Jen Primary School, New Taipei City; Kai-Xuan Primary School, Kinmen County.

Junior High schools:

1.Champion: Hsin Sheng Junior High School, Taitung County

2.Runner-up: Affiliated Junior High School of Shin Shing High School in Taoyuan City

3.Third Place: Taipei Private Chingshin Middle School

For High schools and Vocational schools:

1. Champion: Taipei First Girls High School

2.Runner-up: Keelung Private Er Xin High School

3.Third Place: National Changhua Girls’ Senior High School

Winners of the elementary school section and Administrative Deputy MinisterWinners of the elementary school section and Administrative Deputy Minister
Winners of the High school section and Academician Zeng ZhilangWinners of the High school section and Academician Zeng Zhilang

The Foundation has always endeavored to deepen cultural education in primary and middle school level students. By promoting traditional and classical literature as the core for learning, we aspire to help our students nationwide to understand the essence and moral values of Chinese culture through absorption of knowledge, expression, experience, and nurture.

With a caring heart and innovative approach, we endeavor to cultivate outstanding talents with education as the first step. The key objective of the Foundation at the current stage is to develop new service personnel equipped with the six qualities of “FIT+HUG”. We hope that our students will thus learn and appreciate the spirit and value of serving others from their youth and, as a result, be able to put what they know into their daily lives and realize the true value of serving others.

All the winning students and VIP guestsAll the winning students and VIP guests