Annual Events

2012 We Love Taiwan, Say Hi to the World

World’s Largest Human QR Code - Showcasing Taiwan’s Creativity!

Taiwan’s first ever and the world’s largest human QR CODE formed in Taipei City Hall Civic Square at 2:30pm on December 2nd. “We Love Taiwan, Say Hi to the World” event was a joint effort by the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation and iSee Taiwan Foundation to elaborate their value in “education”, “innovation”, “caring” and “tourism”. The 1369 people involved include representatives of 54 prestigious Taiwanese brands and local enterprises such as Chunghwa Post, Taiwan Taxi and Giant along with students and members of the public. This activity was organized by 365 staff members and took 236 days to prepare. It fully represents the solidarity, enthusiasm and creativity of the people in Taiwan, and will let Taiwan be seen by the world.
Through the QR code activities, the two Foundations showed their determination in the field of training talent as well as marketing Taiwan’s local culture. The QR Code event reinforced the objectives of “Sail Taiwan into the world through service training and put Taiwan on the map through cultural tourism” subsequently enhancing Taiwan’s service industry ability to compete in the global market.