Core Value

Core Values

The Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation is committed to provide talents for future society, and has been organizing a series of training programs over the last decade. The six talent indicators of “FIT+HUG” is based on results derived from academic research, study of service industry trends, study of talent values and years of experience in planning and executing educational activities.

Six Talent Indicators: FIT+HUG

  • Friendly by Nature(真誠友善的本質)

  • Innovative with Diversity(多元創新的思維)

  • Technology-Aware(科技運用的認知)

  • Human-Centric Approach(以人為本作為)

  • Uniting Multiple Domains(跨領域整合)

  • Global View with Local Act(全球視野在地實踐)

We launched the TalentNXT talent development blueprint with [FIT+HUG] as the core development concept, to develop talent from the perspective of characteristics, knowledge, global vision and practical experience.

TalentNXT: Future Talent Development Blueprint

With TalentNXT as the future talent development blueprint, the Sayling Wen Cultural & Educational Foundation introduced the [FIT+HUG] six indicators, into all kinds of talent development programs, acting as the learning journey map for people from different stages of life.

The TalentNXT blueprint is focused on 3 different groups of people, elementary and secondary school students, university and college students and the working professionals. By providing suitable learning guides for each group, utilizing global resources and technology tools which develop future leading talents with employability skills.

TalentNXT Junior: For school age talent, the primary focus will be developing good ethics, characteristics and attitudes, and strengthening the F (Friendly by nature) and H (Human-centric approach). Through promoting reading, communication skills training and life experience, we were able to develop the observation, imagination and creative skills and establish a human-centric mindset towards service.

TalentNXT Fresh: When first entering the workplace is the stage where knowledge need to be transformed into competency. The key focus during this stage is to help talents breakthrough by focusing on the I (Innovative with Diversity) and U (Uniting Multiple Domains). Before entering the workplace develop of professional skills and qualities are needed as well as talent job competency.

TalentNXT Pro: Besides refinement of core skills, talent at this stage must be able to integrate technology into problem solving, T (Technology-Aware) as well as expanding their global vision and mindset, G (Global view with Local Act) is necessary for career development. Talents must have the ability and initiative to collaborate and communicate with professionals from different fields. Whilst integrating ideas and solutions, to become the talent that the world needs.